FAQ & Tips

Q: What to do in case of an emergency if it is after hours?

A: For after-hours emergency support, please call our emergency number which is 083 683 6550.  Please note that surcharges do apply to after hours and emergency call outs.


Q: How do I give my pet tablets?

A: The best way is to place the tablet at the back of the throat, close the mouth and do a short, sharp blow to the nose, this will force the pet to lick their nose, which they can't do without swallowing the tablet first.



The decision to breed your female dog needs serious consideration. You need to be able to commit a minimum of four months of your time to the pregnancy and the raising of the puppies. Preparation is vital and the finances to cover unforeseen circumstances must be available. An approximate cost to raise eight puppies without complications to their 8 week vaccination can vary between R4000 - R6000. If a cesarean is necessary cost will escalate dramatically. Before you venture on this journey, first pay a visit to an animal shelter and ask yourself the following ten questions.

  1. If my dog fully grown and emotionally mature enough to handle a pregnancy?
  2. Has she been diagnosed with any conditions with a hereditary or genetic link like skin conditions, ear conditions, skeletal or developmental problems?
  3. Can pregnancy harm her current health?
  4. Is she on chronic medication which can be harmful to the developing foetus?
  5. Does she have any behavioural problems like fear aggression, anxiety?
  6. Is her annual vaccinations and worming up to date?
  7. Do I have the facility, support and financial means to care for a litter of puppies till 8 weeks of age?
  8. Will I be able to cover emergency treatment like a caesarean section which can cost between R4000 - R8000?
  9. Is the breed popular and will I find 8 - 12 good homes for the puppies?
  10. What is my main motivation to have a litter of puppies?
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