27 May – 7 June 2024

Our Peace of Mind Special is a valuable bundle of screening tests, compiled for senior cats and dogs from 7 years of age.

Is your pet on chronic medication? Does your pet have unexplained weight gain or loss? Has your pet’s water intake increased? Has your pet’s toilet habits changed? Has your pet’s sleeping habits changed? Lumps or bumps appeared?

If you have answered yes, to 3 or more of the above questions, then our Peace of Mind Special is most beneficial to your pet.

A full senior examination by your favourite veterinarian will be performed, along with a complimentary nail clip, when required.

To evaluate internal health, tests for your pet’s kidney and liver health as well as screening for diabetes, anaemia and urinary tract health, is performed.

Our Peace of Mind Special, provides lifesaving information, at a massively reduced cost.

Take advantage of this great offer, and save 50% with Citivet’s valuable, Peace of Mind Special.

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